1. People Like to Say

Talking's easier than doing; if we are successful at the latter, perhaps we can justify the former. For more thoughts on this song, please go to the "Song Notes" page and click the appropriate link.


People like to say the world needs love
Who truly understands a truth like this?
(and there's) So many insisting love could solve the world's problems
Not so many put it into practice

Lots of people quick to stand and preach
And every fool distributes advice
But it's another thing to reach your hand out
It's another thing to make that self-sacrifice

'Cause if you don't (won't) love the people
The people you can see
How will you love the strangers
In a faraway place you may never be?
And do you say you love the God
Who watches over men
While you love to hate your enemies
And you've forgotten your own friends?

People like to say how they hate war
I can't say as I disagree
But if we hate our neighbors living right next door, well
Isn't that what they call hypocrisy?

People like to say
How we like to say
But do we like to do?