The True Nature of Homosexuality and the "Add the Words" Movement

Another legislative session is underway in Idaho.  One might hope that this would imply that the state’s lawmakers are concentrating on issues of genuine concern to Idahoans; enacting laws that would benefit respectable citizens, with the inclusion of provisions for punishment for those who act contrary to society’s best interests.
Instead, it appears that the attention-grabbing issue is (once again) the consideration of legislation that would protect and preserve the purported rights of homosexuals.  For a number of years, Idaho’s congressmen and women have served to defend the general public by denying a formal hearing on this issue.  However, pro-homosexual activists have periodically staged propaganda campaigns which began as petulant and distracting (placing thousands of sticky notes in the Statehouse) and eventually escalated to being physically forceful and illegal (misdemeanor trespassing, unlawful assembly, resisting and obstructing officers, and similar crimes), and it appears that at least some of Idaho’s legislators have finally caved in to pressure as a result of these intimidation tactics. 
The irony of this is that the homosexuals’ contention (repeated ad nauseam) is that they are the ones who are in constant danger of being bullied.  If they are truly so opposed to bullying, why would they employ methods that rely on irritation, harassment, physical force, and lawlessness in order to get their way?  The answer goes beyond the immediately obvious farce of their so-called “civil disobedience” and straight to the fundamental nature of their lifestyle itself.  Homosexuality – commonly associated with related terms such as sodomy and (in Idaho State Code, Statute 18-6605) the infamous crime against nature, is at its very core a lifestyle of misrepresentation, manipulation, and force.  This fact has been increasingly evident in recent years, as honest businesspeople around the country have been mercilessly haled into court as a result of their unwillingness to be complicit in this vulgar and sinful practice.  It has been plainly apparent as the advocates of homosexuality have forgone the standard course of lawmaking, preferring to make melodramatic appeals to unelected federal judges through ACLU-aided lawsuits, which judges in turn have repeatedly trampled the rights of honest voters by legislating from the bench. 
The activists and their proponents would argue that homosexuality is an innate, immutable personal quality similar to race, and
 that their unruly actions are part of a necessary and noble pursuit of equal rights for an unfairly persecuted minority.  But this is what they have to say in order to feign legitimacy; they aren’t likely to come out and admit that their whole cause is really simply about sexual perversion.  They presumably even believe that such banalities are actually factual, for the Bible makes it clear that God himself will allow people to be oblivious to the truth if they insist on continuing in wickedness (see Romans chapter 1; 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12; Psalm 81:11-12).  Should they be trusted to offer an unbiased assessment of their practices?  One doesn’t ask a compulsive thief if he believes that his habit of stealing is harming anyone; an objective answer could not reasonably be expected.  If he were to admit to his misdeeds at all, he would be apt to present himself as a type of Robin Hood.  As a rule, lawless people defend lawlessness (Proverbs 28:4), and the Devil and his adherents masquerade as the benefactors and liberators of mankind (2 Corinthians 11:14-15).  Nonetheless, perversion is in fact the beginning and end of what it means to be “LGBT”; it is to be sexually depraved in the most literal sense of the term.  Though the apostle Paul wrote that “it is a shame to even speak of those things which are done of them in secret” (Ephesians 5:12), perhaps instructive reminders of what is truly involved with being “gay”, “lesbian”, or “transgender” are in order.  If so, then a Google search of homosexual perverts will yield plenty of information to anyone who needs his or her eyes opened.  None of it is respectable or honorable; none of it is worthy of consideration for legalized protection. 
It is because of the fact that homosexuality is a perversion – a very serious sin – that its practitioners and defenders will invariably demand that others accept it, approve of it, and (to one degree or another) participate in it.  The Devil is not, and cannot be, content with minding his own business, and this is likewise true of the people who choose to follow his lead.  Evildoers will always strive to draw others into their web in an attempt to make themselves feel justified and at peace (e.g. “it can’t be wrong if 81% of Idahoans agree with it” – a recently reported percentage, by the way, that is both unsupported and inconsequential).  The perverts in various parts of the country who were refused a cake (or photography services, or flowers, or a meeting venue) for their illegitimate weddings could easily have sought services and accommodations elsewhere, but doing so would have meant allowing another human being the freedom to believe that homosexuality is a sin; it would have meant tolerating the light of truth shining on their darkness, and that was something that they could not stand – nor will they be willing to tolerate it in the future.  They are incapable of “just letting it go.”  Consciously or not, their ultimate goal is to either drag people down with them, or to silence those who resist being dragged.  In fact, when reading online news articles related to this subject, it is not uncommon to see responses posted by advocates of homosexuality which state things such as, “they will be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century” (they meaning anyone who dares to condemn – or even to question – same-gender sexual relationships).  The essential nature of homosexuality, “transgenderism”, and other forms of sexual deviancy is, ultimately, a form of rape.  Is it any wonder that the inhabitants of the original Sodom (as described in Genesis 18 and 19) eventually strove to commit the actual act of physical rape, when that mentality was at the heart of their behavior from the start? 
As a citizen of Idaho, I am still willing to hold on to hope that the state’s lawmakers will do what is morally and legally justified, and reject any proposed legislation that would protect (rather than prosecute) the criminals who are involved in these sex offenses.  I would prefer to see the United States reenact laws condemning these unhealthy and indecent lifestyles in the most certain of terms, implementing serious consequences for those found guilty of practicing and promoting them.  For such people are, quite literally, enemies of the state.  Their behavior spreads spiritual, mental, and physical disease and disorder.  It is detrimental to the children that they insist on trying to indoctrinate.  It undermines the most important bastions of society:  the Church and the family.  But despite a prayerful willingness to hope, I am also realistic:  the fact that conditions have degenerated to the point where such laws are even up for consideration is a very bad sign of the direction in which this state and nation are headed.  Proverbs 17:15 declares, “He that justifies the wicked, and he that condemns the just, even they both are abomination to the Lord.”  Consider that the word abomination is used:  these whitewashed anti-propriety laws are not simply minor departures from God’s standards, they are reprehensible to him.  When one recalls the final condition of Sodom and Gomorrah, it’s logical to recognize that America is in grave danger indeed. 
The aforementioned Proverb denotes a moral situation that is completely topsy-turvy.  Perhaps no recent news story has underscored the disturbing fact that much of America has reached this stage of backwardness than that of Joshua Alcorn.  In late December 2014, Alcorn killed himself by walking in front of a tractor trailer on an Ohio highway.  His own words leading up to this final decision were posted on the internet for the whole world to witness.  In a gesture of rebellion and hate for all that is decent, Joshua proudly cursed his parents, referred to himself as “Satan’s wifey” and the “transgender queen of hell” [sic] and posted an image (or perhaps more than one; one “selfie” in particular was featured in the media) which showed him admiring himself while wearing a dress.  His act of self-murder risked the lives of innocent motorists, and has likely traumatized the truck driver who was unwillingly involved – not to mention the family members against whom he turned in betrayal.  The degree of Alcorn’s sexual perversion and overall self-absorption ought to be repugnant to any sensible person.   Yet despite all of the indisputable (and undisputed) facts, vigils have been held in various cities for the purpose of remembering and honoring him, though the parties involved insist on calling him a “her”.  News sources also repeatedly use feminine identifiers for this seventeen-year-old male, and actively intimate (or state outright) that Christians are to blame for his demise.  If ever there was an illustration of people justifying the wicked and condemning the just, this is surely it.  I don’t know all of the specific beliefs of his parents, and will therefore not automatically assume that they were good Christians.  But regardless of their personal spiritual integrities, the media has attacked not only them, but Christians in general.  The most radical defenders of perversion have gone so far as to call for prosecution of the parents for child abuse, because they didn’t support their son’s infantile desire to play a twisted lifelong game of make-believe.  And in the aftermath of Alcorn’s actions, there has been a renewed and increased effort to ban counseling that would discourage a person from practicing homosexuality, “transgenderism,” and similar vile habits.  Once again, the proponents of these lifestyles intend nothing less than the spiritual – if not yet the physical – rape of society.  If they cannot hypnotize, cajole, pressure, and threaten people into believing that their lifestyle is of equal (or greater) value by way of a constant barrage of unfounded and ludicrous assertions of normalcy, they will do all that they can to eliminate their opponents from the picture. 
Is there anything that can be done?  I believe there is, but there are some catalysts for change that have largely faded into wishful thinking.  As mentioned, while we can hope, I’ve long since given up on expecting lawmakers to do what is right, and even if they do, it seems near-certain that a corrupt judge with no accountability will ignore the will of the people and overturn any just decision.[i]  I don’t believe that the solution is to picket, protest, and parade; one doesn’t beat the Devil by playing his game.  There may, on occasion, be a suitable reason for an organized march or similar demonstration of solidarity, but the undertaking of repeated assaults on the public is the domain of the idle and lawless.  Disciplined prayer can be much more productive, and will help an honest person with one other option:  to simply say “no.”  Just as a woman can continue to strive to resist the forceful advances of someone who is attempting to rape her, we can refuse to surrender to the onslaught of homosexual propagandists – even if saying no to them results in being sued, arrested, tortured, or killed.  We can refuse to sit silently through "diversity training" sessions, even if it means getting fired.  We can refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy of a homosexual "wedding", even if doing so results in being robbed of tens of thousands of dollars.  We can refuse to pretend that a he is a she (or vice versa), even if such plain honesty causes us to be unfairly branded as hateful bigots.  Jesus suffered the worst that sinful men could dish out, because he would not give in and be silenced by those who hated the truth.  In Hebrews 10:34, the epistle’s writer encouraged his contemporaries, saying “you had compassion of me in my bonds, and took joyfully the spoiling of your goods, knowing in yourselves that you have in heaven a better and enduring substance.”  Should we do any less than these brave people did?  When we refuse to be a party to evil, we are likely to suffer for it in the short run, but the Bible also says that God will reward every person according to what he or she has done (John 5:29; Romans 2:6-11; Psalm 62:12).  There will be genuine justice for all one day; there will be everlasting peace for the good and incessant torment for the bad.  And while there will be people in God’s Kingdom who were formerly sexual offenders before they found repentance[ii], the Scriptures are clear that no practicing homosexual or any other type of sex offender will enter into heaven (Matthew 13:41-43; 1 Corinthians 6:9-10; Galatians 5:19-21).  Not one!  The day will come when these megalomaniacal activists can no more wreak havoc and misery on the morally upstanding citizens of the world.  God delays the time of judgment because he is merciful and prefers repentance, not because he approves of homosexual activity.  Things will get worse before they get better, but in the end, they will be better permanently.
[i] I strongly encourage the reader to contact your state legislators to express your disapproval of any proposed “Add the Words” bill.  You can do so by accessing and following the plainly marked links there.  It can be done in few minutes.  I also recommend contacting your city council, as activists have declared that they intend to continue pushing "anti-discrimination" measures at the local level.  
[ii] Pro-homosexual activists routinely attempt to hide or discredit the many examples of those who have abandoned that way of life.  But once again, the internet can provide quick access to the truth.  Men like Gordon Opp (who has been “ex-gay” for so long that he is now a grandfather) and Michael Glatze (who was an extreme homosexual activist, but is now happily married) have courageously offered up their testimonies about their experiences, as have women such as Debora Barr (who lived as a lesbian for eighteen years).  Further web searching reveals many others who have submitted to God’s design and thereby experienced liberation.       

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