Mormonism and Homosexuality: Not-So-Strange Bedfellows

The earliest indications I received that told me there was something wrong with Mormonism came – as is usually the case when it comes to such matters – from my elders.  Those in authority at the Missouri Synod Lutheran Church I attended (which I later discovered to have plenty of doctrinal errors of its own) took some of the youth on a sort-of field trip to a Sunday meeting at the LDS stake center down the street.  A number of us also toured the Boise temple when it was new and briefly open to the public, and The God Makers was shown in our church sanctuary.  Much of what I heard, both from the movie and from LDS members themselves, certainly struck me as weird and clearly contrary to whatever Biblical knowledge I had gained at that point.  But I must acknowledge that at least a measure of my distaste for Mormonism was most likely a byproduct of the atmosphere to which I was accustomed; an atmosphere which hammered home a clear point:  Mormonism is a dangerous cult! 
Not until I was eighteen and began studying both the Bible and the tenets of Mormonism under my own steam did the obvious problems become clearer.  I had many LDS friends at that point, and I naively believed that liberating them from such spiritual slavery would be as simple as leading them to the published waters from which I had been drinking, as it were.  “How could they possibly deny the evidence – much of which comes straight from their own source material?”  I wondered.  I simply had no real appreciation for the power of a lifetime of training from the cradle. 
That includes the rather different lifetime of training that I myself had received.  I was oblivious to all of the wrong thought patterns and habits that I had acquired, and of the effort and help that would be needed to even begin to break free.  There are some people who advocate for the idea that cult members – especially those who are lifelong members – face a more difficult path to spiritual freedom and enlightenment than “average people.”  I have come to see this as a fallacy.  Every human being (save Jesus Christ himself) has to some extent faced or will face hardship if he or she wishes to escape the “cult” of a mind and body encumbered by sin.  Those who would be saved from temporal and eternal darkness must fight their own nature (what the Bible rightly calls the flesh), the Devil and his angels, and most likely at least a certain amount of the familial, educational, and social cultures that have influenced them.  All of mankind starts out in a “false religion"; only the details are different.
Having said that, at the age of forty-four I have come to consider the LDS religion to be even more dangerous than I believed it to be when I was being spoon-fed so-called “anti-Mormon” information and sentiments.  At this point, I have come through a certain amount of personal difficulty, much of which was extreme enough to encourage me to open my mind to truths that were previously far beyond my ken.  Had I not been willing to be flexible, I would most likely be dead (or at least institutionalized).  This increased ability to approach subjects from an objective vantage point served me well when I read The Book of Mormon (for the second time), The Doctrine and Covenants, and The Pearl of Great Price as an older man.  A friend had fairly stated that since the entire LDS church stands or falls with the first of these “scriptures,” the best way to assess Joseph Smith’s claims would be to go straight to the source.  I've done that, and then some.
I’m tempted at this point to begin delineating the countless flaws within Smith’s poorly concocted work of fiction.  I won’t, however, for several reasons:  First, the flaws are painfully obvious.  An acquaintance once said to me, “You don’t have to dig too deeply to see through it,” and she was absolutely on target.  As mentioned above, I recognize that there are other forces involved with those who believe in Smith; there have to be.  Any honest and logical person can see through the façade with ease if there is a motivation and a willingness to do so.  Secondly, it’s been done.  I don’t know of any damning information I could reveal about Mormonism that has not already been revealed, sometimes by its own adherents (many of whom are now former adherents).  I will list some excellent source material at the end of this essay so that any reader who desires to take an unbiased look at various LDS claims may do so, but there’s little point in me re-treading that path.
The final reason is the one that I want to discuss here, for in some ways I think it offers the best argument that there is against Mormonism.  The reason is that the behavior of LDS members themselves – including, and perhaps particularly, those in leadership positions - effectively
demonstrates the truth about the foundations of their faith.  The following points may seem to be more subjective.  They may be shrugged off by some as being non-quantifiable.  But they are the ones which are also the most readily observable; the ones that tell me plainly without any need for academic study that the Mormon belief system is both patently false and non-Christian (which of course is a redundant statement). 
Case in point:  for approximately a decade, a small but very vocal and forceful group of people has been trying to secure legal protections and supposed “rights” for Idahoans who practice homosexuality and its associated variant lifestyles.  For most of that time, those elected officials who are also members of the LDS church have resisted the pleas (and the lawless stunts) of those who support “adding the words.”  This year, however, there seems to have been an abrupt about-face on the part of the Mormons.  Some have gone on record as saying that they are working towards a compromise bill – one that would grant protections to homosexuals while preserving religious freedom.
This an absurd notion at simple face value.  What point is there in passing a law that makes things exactly the way they already are if no “discrimination protections” are granted?  Who else has opposed homosexuals other than “religious” people?  It also demonstrates the perpetual willingness of Smith’s brainwashed followers to pathetically cave in to pressure whenever they perceive that their precariously balanced kingdom is threatened.  How many times in their church’s brief history have Mormon leaders had some sort of “revelation” – or just a change of heart – which moved them to embrace the societal changes going on around them?  And how many times have these “revelations” happened to occur at just about the time that the U.S. government was breathing down their necks (or alternately, when they perceived that such purported enlightenments would serve their significant financial interests)?  Whether or not some of the capitulations may have been morally correct is of no consequence here; what matters is that the repeated surrendering demonstrates where their priorities lie:  in this world, and not the next.  No true Christian would base decisions of spiritual significance on such matters.  Right is right and wrong is wrong… to the death.  Christ’s commands trump earthly laws.
Is it coincidental that Idaho’s Mormon politicians are singing a new tune just one year after Utah’s powers-that-be set the stage?  Were Idaho’s Representatives and Senators given their power to serve their constituents, or to bow to a handful of old men in a Salt Lake City office building?  Regarding the “gay rights” issue, the LDS leaders’ understudies and common parishioners alike demonstrate their practiced incapacity for independent thought by falling immediately into lockstep with a small group of modern self-styled prophets whose only concern is to preserve an empire that is based on the verifiably false claims of a nineteenth-century con man, criminal, and adulterer who died in a shootout worthy of a Clint Eastwood film.
It makes sense that the LDS and the LGBT would eventually marry.  The two cults of Mormonism and homosexuality actually have much in common.  In each case, any attempt to approach their professions and practices from a position of reason and logic will be construed as “persecution” or “hate.”  Mormons decry any and all criticisms of their religion’s foundations as being attacks – no matter how demonstrably valid the criticisms may be.  The brains turn off; emotion, the sinful flesh, and the intoxicating effects of indoctrination take over.  Likewise, those who state that same-sex sodomy is an unnatural, destructive, and learned behavior (as opposed to an innate, immutable characteristic) are denounced as bigoted and cruel – often with profanity-laced tirades, tellingly.  There’s nothing that fends off a sound, fact-based position like the la-la-la I’m not listening because you’re hateful approach. 
For my part, I have now experienced the backlash from both the Mormons and the homosexuals.  They say that their critics (or even questioners) are motivated by hate because they have to say we're motivated by hate.  If they open the door – even just a little – to the possibility that there is a positive motive behind an open pronouncement that they are headed in the wrong direction, then they are in danger of having their whole house of cards fall.  Wouldn’t it be terrible if someone actually cared enough about you to tell you the truth about your “scriptures” before your life goes down an eternal drain?  Wouldn’t it be unacceptable for someone to say that depression and suicides are not caused by alleged bullying, but rather by the legitimate guilt that results from participation in willful sin?  How awful it would be if someone offered a solution to such problems – a solution that’s as simple as having enough guts to renounce lies!
Having lived most of my life in Idaho, I have long watched rank after rank of Mormon spiritual clones sink ever deeper into falsehood like sheep going to slaughter.  When I lived in Meridian, on certain days I would show up at the local library to find a large percentage of the public computer area occupied by the latest crop of LDS missionaries – because apparently they are not only required to enter their trade (generally) at the same age, wear the same outfits, attend the same monotonous meetings the same cookie-cutter buildings, and use the same modes of transportation, but they also have to follow nearly the exact same schedule.  One must assume that Mormon leaders even consider self-appointed internet access hours to be a potential doorway to an open and honest line of questioning that their doctrines can’t possibly withstand.  Keep everything totally controlled, or you might lose them.  I stated before that these kinds of points may seem subjective, but let me ask you:  does that kind of near-total regimentation not strike you as inherently evil?  It is certainly not in keeping with the Biblical claim that Jesus Christ came to set people free, or with Jesus' own admonition to "Love the Lord your God... with all your mind" (Luke 10:27).   
In recent years, I’ve witnessed Idaho's proponents of perversion gain ground through the same kind of flattery, manipulation, and coercion that the Mormons use in the attempt to gain and keep converts.  Both camps promise relief from the pressure that comes from holding on to your mental integrity if only you’ll give in and become part of the herd.  It’s a war of attrition.  Why fight the tide, when you will ultimately be assimilated or annihilated anyway?  Look at what’s available to you if you’ll only join us!  In the present Star Wars-happy pop culture climate, one is reminded of Vader offering Luke the chance to rule the galaxy if he’ll just step back off of Bespin’s platform and join the dark side.   How many people are left in this world who are willing to take the risk that Luke took instead?
And assimilation or annihilation are their aims.  They seek one or the other when facing those courageous souls who steadfastly resist them.  Darkness hates light.  It doesn’t matter if the darkness is the kind that’s found in the meeting places of a false religion, or the kind that’s found in an “LGBTetc” pride event.  The road to destruction is wide; many find it.  It’s not surprising, then, that these two formerly separate islands of darkness would ultimately join hands, for Proverbs 17:4 states, “A wicked doer gives heed to false lips; and a liar gives ear to a naughty tongue.”  The reason that the Mormon politicians are listening to the lies of the homosexual activists is because they themselves believe and promote lies.  Who deals with devils, except other devils? Nonetheless, Proverbs 11:21 offers this encouragement:  “Though hand join in hand, the wicked shall not be unpunished:  but the seed of the righteous shall be delivered.”  The solidarity that the Mormons and the homosexuals are discovering will be ineffective in the long run. 
The two are also similar in that they both promote nonsensical models of marriage.  Yet Jesus’ words of nearly two millennia ago still hold true:  marriage is for a man and a woman, and it is for this life only (Matthew 19:3-6; Luke 20:34-36).  I know without a doubt that Mormons and homosexuals will come up with ways to explain why those verses don’t mean what their words plainly state; they always do that.  Attempts to make the Bible denote something other than the obvious interpretation require a submission to an almost unbelievable degree of self-deception, but that is what people who subscribe to lies are prone to do.  The illusion must be maintained, regardless of the weight of evidence.  This is particularly true of Mormons (who not only claim to be Christians, but also the “most correct” Christians), and of those homosexuals who seek to make their lifestyle compatible with Jesus’ teachings (and that seems to be an increasing percentage of them).  I contend that this makes them even less respectable.  If the LDS people would just reject the Bible entirely instead of going through it selectively like some kind of spiritual salad bar, one could at least give them credit for a degree of consistency.  Similarly, the idea of a homosexual atheist is more palatable than that of a “homosexual Christian.”  At least the atheist isn’t trying to have it all; he or she – or it, if the person in question is still inexplicably having trouble “identifying” – has enough basic sense to recognize the incompatibility of the two things, and has picked one and forsaken the other.  But the all-encompassing sense of entitlement, the self-centered desire for universal inclusion (which I wrote about in my article on unfundamentalism) is both childish and foolish. 
I expect that some people may wonder “What’s this guy’s problem?  Why make such a big deal about this stuff?”  I could respond as the LDS people do, and recite, “I have a testimony, and I know that what I’m telling you is true.”  Or I could respond like the modern-day homosexuals, and insist, “I didn’t choose to be like this; I was just born this way.”  But instead of offering a mindless, pre-packaged answer as though someone pulled a string on my back, I’ll say that I do it because I’m compelled to reject and expose falsehoods when I’m confronted with them.  I speak (or write) because I recognize that there is a force currently gaining power that is every bit as evil as was the Nazi regime, yet it’s more insidious and already more widespread.  To see the American White House bathed in the colors of the stolen rainbow last year was the equivalent of seeing a Swastika run up the flagpole, and most Americans (and other “first-world” citizens) don’t even seem concerned about the increasing threat.  And to see the self-proclaimed “Latter-Day Church of Jesus Christ” lend aid and comfort to those who are actively trying to extinguish true Christianity ought to motivate parishoners to abandon Mormonism in droves, yet that doesn’t seem to be happening.  Something must be said. 
A couple of years back, the people of Pocatello, Idaho had a golden opportunity to send their area's homosexuals back into their closets.  Yet the city’s “anti-discrimination ordinance” won out when put to a popular vote.  A Google search tells me that Pocatello is 52.09% LDS.  If the Mormons represent the one true Christian Church, why is it that they didn’t collectively stand up to evil when the chance to do so was within their grasp?  I believe that the question was answered with the aforementioned Proverb.  You know what they say about a duck:  if it walks, swims, and quacks like one, it most likely is.  The Mormons invariably demonstrate the non-Christian underpinnings of their religion by not acting Christian
Shamefully, some folks who claim to be “Bible-only” Christians are too apathetic to stand up to LGBT bullying as well – and may even offer support for such preposterous purported “human rights” laws.  Yet the very Bible that they claim to believe states, “Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.  For it is a shame to even speak of those things which are done of them in secret” (Ephesians 5:11-12).  Moreover, believers are told that we have a responsibility to warn people who are involved in evil that they face eternal destruction unless they repent (see Ezekiel 33:7-9).  How can anybody who claims to be a Christian turn a blind eye to those who are deceiving not only themselves, but who are also seeking to entrap others – whether to Mormonism, to homosexuality, or to any other sugar-coated untruth?

I acknowledge that the spiritual battle for the U.S. appears to be lost.  How many presidential candidates are talking about the urgent need to revoke the insane decision made by five power-mad Supreme Court justices last year?  How many Americans recognize the fact that the idea of law establishment “by the people” is dead?  The people have spoken repeatedly against homosexuality, and their voices have been repeatedly ignored by a judiciary-turned-dictatorship.  Yet even if America has passed the point of no return, it is still important to stand for truth.  The country was bound to fall sooner or later; as the scripture says, “The nations are a drop in the bucket” (Isaiah 40:15).  People still need to be warned anyway, so that those who would like to be part of a far greater nation (and the only permanent one) may have an opportunity to do so, and so that those who wouldn't may be judged fairly.  The way to citizenship in that country has been made plain:  repent, and believe the Gospel of the true Jesus Christ – the Jesus who requires righteous behavior of his followers; the Jesus whose only visits to the North American continent have been by proxy.
Here are some excellent resources for anyone who is interested in the truth about Mormonism.  At the time of this writing, the four videos were available for free viewing on YouTube:

  • No Man Knows My History by Fawn Brodie (book):  A thoroughly researched and detailed account of Joseph Smith’s life and the origins of the Mormon church
  • The Bible vs. The Book of Mormon - produced by Living Hope Ministries:  a 66 minute video that details the lack of historical evidence for the events described in The Book of Mormon
  • The Lost Book of Abraham - produced by the Institute for Religious Research:  a 55 minute video that describes the false nature of Joseph Smith’s claims to be an interpreter of ancient language
  • DNA vs. The Book of Mormon - produced by Living Hope Ministries:  a 49 minute video that demonstrates the fact that the people native to the Americas are not descended from the Hebrew/Jewish race
  • Jesus Christ / Joseph Smith - produced by Good News for LDS:  An 86 minute video that compares the teachings and behavior of Joseph Smith to the example set by Jesus as portrayed in the Bible; also reviews historical and racial claims, etc. 

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