The Subject Matters

There are many different opinions about the issues that we consider most important.  My goal is to address the subjects that matter to us on a foundation of truth and sound reason, offering as much proof as possible to defend my positions.  When applicable, I will do my best to give references.  Unless otherwise noted, Biblical quotes are usually based on the King James Version - though I often change the more archaic pronouns and other such words to those in modern use.  I encourage the reader to check all references made.



- You Don't Have to Listen (late 2016/early 2017)


- Hang Up the Cleats, Tim Tebow (late summer 2016)

- Getting Fit:  A Useful Metaphor (July 2016)

- Albertson's Monopoly and the Faith (Spring 2016)

- Mormonism and Homosexuality:  Not-So-Strange Bedfellows (February 2016)

- The Christian Human's Burden:  Kipling assigned the world's most important job to the wrong race. (Jan/Feb 2016)

- Small Town:  Are rural areas really more moral and "spiritual" than big cities? (January 2016)

- Finding True Love... Through a Dating Website! (written 2015-2016)



- Practical Lessons Learned from a "Big Show" (Spring 2015)

- But Wait... There's More!  (In the wake of a sticky note ad)  (February 17, 2015) 

- My Experience with Discrimination (February, 2015)

- The True Nature of Homosexuality and the "Add the Words" Movement  (updated January 31, 2015)

- Old Things Made New (Drums and the Gospel!)  (added January 2, 2015)



- "Gay Marriage" - What Can We Do Now?  (added October 20, 2014)

- Wretched Sinners Onymous  (added October 10, 2014)

- A Brief Review of "Unfundamentalism" 

- A Different Take on the "Add the Words" Protesters    



- Roboto Revisited    
- The High Price of Disharmony      

- Multiple Choice Bible Quiz!

- Christmas Thoughts:  A.D. 2012

- Metallica Got It Right

- In Search of the Truth

- Suicide

- Straight and Narrow

- Blind Faith

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