For those who are interested in recording details:

'Til There Was You was recorded in my (currently cluttered) music room on February 10, 2016.  I used five tracks on my Fostex MR16CD:  Rhythm guitar, guitar solo, vocal, and two percussion tracks. 

I used the following gear:

- Alvarez AJ80 guitar (solid spruce top, maple back and sides)
- Egg shaker by "Nuggets"
- Sabian XS20 hi-hats (14") and Meinl hi-hat mounted tambourine (played with Pro Mark Hot Rods)
- MXL 991 condenser microphone for instruments
- MXL V250 condenser microphone for vocal
- CAD stand-mounted vocal shield and a mesh pop filter

There was one overdub (I botched the very last line of the vocal on the initial take).  I made three mixes, and felt this one was the best.