Please Let's Not

Please don’t set high expectations
Please don’t ask of me too much
I won’t ask it of you either
We’ll aim low and we’ll go Dutch
Things are tough enough as they are
Let’s cling tight to what we’ve got
If you’re thinking we should take a risk
I’m suggesting please let’s not
Let’s all just discuss the weather
And what’s next up on TV
I’ll be sure not to disturb you
And please don’t you offend me
Let’s all smile, giggle, and banter
Keep it all sweetness and light
Please let’s not have news at six, only
Entertainment tonight
Please let’s not have talk of Hell
And no platitudes of Heaven
Please don’t go mentioning Newtown
Or, God forbid, 9-11
Please let’s gather 'round the campfire
Sing a nice old peacenik song
Let's buy stickers that say “coexist” and
“Why can’t we get along?”
Please let's not ask any questions
We might get the answers to
'Cause it's all about the journey
Not where you go when it's through
Please don't imply there's anything
Beyond what we can see
No damage being done by
All our immorality

When our whole world falls apart
We can all stop to cry
Ask God why he let it happen
Shake our fists up at the sky
We’ll question why dictators rule
And why children end up dead
Well, when evil first came creeping in
Not a thing was done or said