If I remember correctly, I started writing People Like To Say in the early 2000's, possibly while driving for a courier company (which may not be the best time to scribble down lyrics, by the way).  I suppose the song's meaning is pretty obvious, but now that it's written and public, I find that it provides me with a sometimes difficult reminder about my responsibilities.  It's so easy to walk away from people who may seem to rub you the wrong way, while just sending a check to an organization that helps the needy in some third world country.  I'm all for giving to charity; obviously everybody doesn't have the ability (or calling) to go to foreign places immediately.  But people are people, wherever you are.  If we feel that the people - especially the needy people - who are all around us constitute a nuisance, why should we believe we'd feel any differently on another continent?  People need money, but they also need love.  We don't have to go far to start giving it. 
     Before you think about doing something "big" to change the world, consider whether or not your next door neighbor knows what - and in whom - you believe.