Kids Are On The Run was originally released by The Altar Boys on the album Against The Grain (1987).  I highly recommend the music of The Altar Boys - and frontman Mike Stand - if you're into good, straight-ahead rock and roll.  It's obvious from the lyrics that the group had a genuine concern for young people.
     I'm not so young anymore, but it's easy to recall how I felt as a teenager:  often thinking that no adults could possibly understand (or even know) what was going on in my life, and that it was best to keep things hidden from them.  It can be frustrating being on the other side of those interactions now because I'd like to be able to offer something to kids, yet I realize that they might be wary of me; I'm nearly bald, I don't have a cool phone, and I go to church regularly (and usually enjoy it)! 
     In the event that someone especially youthful wanders onto this site, I guess I'd just like to submit that you might be surprised at what we older folks know, and what we remember about being your age.  Believe it or not, we get it.  The "video machines" today may be far more advanced than our old arcade versions of Asteroids and Donkey Kong, but the fundamentals of the human experience are still the same.  People of all ages, and in all times, want and need to be loved by their creator.  He loves you!