Hello... this is Lance, posting from Idaho, USA. Welcome to my site for music, creative writing, and more.  Here you'll find news, articles, short stories, audio samples, and music available for downloading.  I hope the tunes and texts are glorifying to God and uplifting for you.  Have a nice day, and come back soon... bring a friend! 

(last updated March 14, 2018)

 The latest news is...

The Truth Comes Out - Laying Waste to the Lies of the "LGBT community" is now available as an e-book for just 99 cents!

CLICK HERE to visit the Kindle page.




Read a short article I wrote about the dystopian future that's already upon us.




I've started a second YouTube channel!  From the Futon is devoted to "preaching" (if you will)... I'll be addressing current events, movies, books, etc. from a Christian vantage point.  Please stop by!



MY FIRST BOOK is available. It isn't "liberal" and it isn't "conservative."  Bookstores don't want to carry it, and advertisers have refused to sell ad space for it.  Will you be more open-minded? 

"The Truth Comes Out -
Laying Waste to the Lies of the 'LGBT community'"

is on sale for $9.99 (plus shipping) for the print edition. 

It is currently available on Amazon.com.


- And... my YouTube music channel, The MIC, now has 72 episodes. 

Click here for a love song




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