About Me

In case you're wondering...

     I come from a musical family, and my love of music was evident at an early age.  My mother taught music privately and in the local schools, and there was often a record being played on the old console stereo in the living room of our home.  By the time I was about five years old, at least some of my allowance money was being used to purchase forty-fives (remember those?), which cost an even dollar at the nearest Kmart, tax included.  I especially liked the sounds of the rock music that was fresh at the time, but that's now known as "classic rock."
I took some piano lessons as a child, participated in the band's percussion section and in a madrigal choir through junior high and high school (respectively), and then went on to spend a couple of years in the music department while at college.  This gave me the opportunity to get more performance experience, and I took classes in theory and ear training as well as private lessons.  I was exposed to jazz for what was effectively the first time, and my appreciation of classical music was enhanced, too.
     I got my first guitar at age 18, and I played at my church, college group meetings, and the Christian camp where I worked.  Speaking of that, being exposed to Christian music served to broaden my musical horizons.  This may sound surprising, since some people would contend that being a Christian is limiting - whether intellectually, interpersonally, or creatively.  I have not found that to be true in any area, including music; when I started paying more attention to what songs were about from a lyrical standpoint, I seemed to be more willing to try listening to a wider variety of styles.  These included punk/alternative rock, a capella vocal groups, "mellow" Gospel-based songs, and instrumental music.  I still enjoy a lot of music that doesn't come from Christian circles, but I try to stay aware of what's being promoted and glorified by the artists, and of whom I'm supporting when I purchase music. 
     Over time, I've renewed an effort to keep it simple; there's good music, and there's bad music.  I hope that you'll find the music on this site to be of the former category. 

(By the way, for more information about my non-musical creative endeavors, please see the appropriate pages on this site).